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Carlsbad Kitchen, Big Makeover for Petite Client

This two-toned custom kitchen was designed for our 5-foot client who loves to cook. Although the floorplan stayed the same, she dreamed of having an appropriate-sized cooktop, and top cabinets she could easily access.

We dropped the back wall toekick a few inches allowing her to safely reach and have better use of the burners. To the left, a small waterfall edge in creamy white Caesarstone quartz, transitions into a standard counter height. Below her cooktop, we have larger drawers for pots and pants and spice pull-outs as her cooking zone. As for the backsplash, our client really loved her travertine tile, we kept it and refilled the areas as needed in our new design.

We boosted our total countertop area with a custom-wrapped bookcase to the left of the sink. This also allowed us to bring the island forward. The island and hood are both in the color Miso, a slightly darker stain.

Everything turned out great! If only the fridge would have made it in time. We can thank the magic of photoshop for this back order shipment!